Putting Conservation On The Ground

Wy’East priority is agriculture irrigation energy and water efficiency to accelerate the adoption of technologies and approaches by irrigators.  We understand the how to work with Farmers.  WyEast continues to work in this challenging area because we believe in the importance for a balanced ecosystem.  

This is what we are doing and why

Agriculture is changing with access to advanced data driven information systems technology creating new opportunities to support energy efficiency and irrigation practices. Imagine if you will, an irrigator can manage an irrigation system using a smartphone. 

This will happen with the implementation of an on-farm automated and remotely controlled data-driven irrigation technologies. 

Technology will manage and provide real-time monitoring of pumping stations, control valves and flow monitoring methods to monitor the application of irrigation water based on crop needs, irrigation cycles, soil moisture, precipitation, and evapotranspiration. 

The conservation benefit gives the irrigator Advanced Precision Irrigation 2.0 tools to manage their water and energy resources using advanced technology.

This project’s goal is to develop an Advanced Precision Irrigation App - remote monitoring & control systems technologies database and software system designed to run on a smartphone or computer. We call this Advanced Precision Irrigation 2.0 – integrated data-driven management system enables irrigators to incorporate multiple data sources to control irrigation and energy based on science. The mobile app allows irrigators to monitor and control irrigation systems anywhere at any time to save water and energy and moreover increase efficiency.

Purpose and Scope of Project 

The goal outcomes allow irrigators improve the inefficient use of water by 10 to 30% while maintaining yields, crop quality, and profitability. Improve water quality by reducing runoff, tail water, and nutrient loss. Increase irrigation pumping system energy efficiency by 10 to 20%. The long-term outcome will reduce the amount of water and energy needed to irrigate our crops, while improving the bottom line for the Farmer.  

The irrigation system and field data will be stored in the cloud and available on mobile platforms. The irrigator can monitor and manage the irrigation system(s) at any time. System alerts will draw awareness to changes or upcoming events. We use a "systems approach." Currently, there can be multiple pieces of technology hardware on the farm, but most do not communicate with each other.  Our goal is to be able to gather and process data from any manufacture.  

Help Us Design and Build the Software 

Your tax-deductible donation will be used to help design the software and make these tools available to agriculture irrigators.

 Here’s Why

  • 24/7 real-time monitor and control. Ability to control and monitor flow, pressure, application, wind, voltage, heat units, soil moisture, and weather.
  • Use a technology to manage irrigation system commands including start, stop, system speed, water pump, and more. Less time is driving to pivots locations, labor, and energy savings.
  • Most important - Save an additional 10% to 30% electrical energy by optimizing the management practices of existing irrigation system. These savings goes to the Farmers bottom line.
  • Track, record, and group application data for increased water efficiency. Provides accurate data to verify the Irrigator is applying scientific irrigation water management.  This data will allow them to irrigate at the best time and apply only what is needed.  
  • Incentify Irrigators to consider water & energy conservation and aquatic habitat programs.  We will work with leaders in the water and energy conservation industry throughout the Pacific Northwest.  We strive to further develop innovative programs that  expand the opportunities for Farmers to utilize.    

Your donation helps create sustainable agriculture and rural small businesses in the Pacific Northwest.  Thank you!


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